API Documentation

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The /purchaseItems resource describes the items, and their related quantities and costs associated with a purchase. Utilizing purchases and purchaseItems makes possible more accurate profit reporting, and reporting availailable by purchases and purchase dates

type Description
purchaseId purchaseId of the related purchase
msku msku of the item that was ordered
cost The per-unit cost for this item
qtyOrdered Quantity of the item that was ordered
qtyReceived Quantity of the item that has been received
created Object creation timestamp
modified Last modification timestamp

Sample purchaseItem Object


Request Parameters

Most parameters operate very RESTfully

If you would like to alter the qtyOrdered or qtyReceived without replacing them while POSTing to this resource, use qtyOrderedChange and qtyReceivedChange. These two properties accept positive or negative integers. Changes are then summed with their variable counterparts.

Example: qtyOrdered += qtyOrderedChange

Response Parameters

All parameters operate very RESTfully