API Documentation

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The /messages resource describes account and client-level messages for the current user. This includes items such as:

/messages Collection

HTTP Methods:

GET /messages Returns all of the messages for the account
GET /messages/1234 Returns all information about the '1234' messages
POST /messages Creates a new message. Overwrites an existing message with the same clientId and code if it already exists
POST /messages/1234 Creates a new message. Overwrites an existing message if it already exists
PUT /messages Not Permitted. Returns HTTP 405
PUT /messages/1234 Updates the existing '1234' message. Overrides existing values
DELETE /messages Not Permitted. Returns HTTP 405
DELETE /messages/1234 Delete's the specified message

Input Parameters

GET https://api.sellerlabs.com/v1/messages

Request Parameters

The Parameters Common to Collections are supported. No other request parameters are available.

Sample Response


Message Objects

id Integer ID for the message
clientId the clientId for which this message is intended
code A message code for this particular message. The combination of clientId and code must be unique
message The content of the message
messageLink An optional link to include with the message
timestamp The timestamp that this message was created