API Documentation

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Triggers /v1/triggers

The triggers resource describes triggers that have been created for an account, and allows an application to subscribed to new events. See the Triggers Explanation for more information.

triggers Objects

id A unique ID for this trigger
appId appId of the application that created this trigger
endpoint The SLAPI endpoint for which this trigger will fire (ie: orders, orderItems, items)
action One of (all, get, create, update, delete). Defines which type of events to which this trigger should fire
destination When a trigger is fired, this is the destination that will be notified. This may be one of:
  • http or https endpoints
  • sqs endpoints in the format sqs://sqs.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/<awsAccountId>>/<queueName>. Note that you must grant access for the Seller Labs AWS Account (017109116516) account to write to your queue.
created timestamp that the trigger was created
modified timestamp that the trigger was last modified
filters (In development)
A filter that must be present in the object for this trigger to fire. For example, specifyin 'venueId=1' on a trigger to /listings will only fire when listings for venueId=1 are modified