API Documentation

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The /fbaCreateInboundShpmentPlan is a shortcut to the MWS CreateInboundShipmentPlan call. We simplify usage of this by using the ship-from address, and product identifiers already associated with your account

Ship From Address

The following settings are required to use this method. These are used to populate the :

Sample Request

GET https://api.sellerlabs.com/v1/fbaCreateInboundShipmentPlan?msku=abc12345&quantity=40

Request Parameters

msku msku of the item that you would like to send to fba
quantity Total quantity of the item that you'd like to send to FBA
venueId required if you have more than one Amazon Account. Use to specify which Amazon account to use

Sample Response

{"status":"success","code":200,"httpCode":"200","user":"117","data":{"FBA1J21RQ6":{"shipmentId":"FBA1J21RQ6","labelPrepType":"SELLER_LABEL","shipToAddr":{"name":"Amazon.com","addr1":"4750 West Mohave St","addr2":"","county":"","city":"Phoenix","state":"AZ","country":"US","zip":"85043"},"fulfillmentCenterId":"PHX6","items":{"abc12345":{"sku":"abc12345","fnsku":"X000J9IPXH","qty":"11"}}},"FBA1J21RQJ":{"shipmentId":"FBA1J21RQJ","labelPrepType":"SELLER_LABEL","shipToAddr":{"name":"Amazon.com.dedc, LLC","addr1":"7200 Discovery Dr","addr2":"","county":"","city":"Chattanooga","state":"TN","country":"US","zip":"37416-1757"},"fulfillmentCenterId":"CHA1","items":{"abc12345":{"sku":"abc12345","fnsku":"X000J9IPXH","qty":"17"}}},"FBA1J21RQV":{"shipmentId":"FBA1J21RQV","labelPrepType":"SELLER_LABEL","shipToAddr":{"name":"Amazon.com.kydc LLC","addr1":"1901 MEADOWVILLE TECHNOLOGY PKWY","addr2":"","county":"","city":"CHESTER","state":"VA","country":"US","zip":"23836"},"fulfillmentCenterId":"RIC2","items":{"abc12345":{"sku":"abc12345","fnsku":"X000J9IPXH","qty":"12"}}}}}

Response Parameters

[[INDEX]] The Index is the FBA Shipment ID
shipmentId Amazon defined Shipment ID for this FBA shipment
labelPrepType Amazon-defined Prep-type. One of SELLER_LABEL.
shipToAddr Container for information address for the destination Fulfillment Center
name FBA Fulfillment Center Name
addr1 FBA Fulfillment Center addr1
addr2 FBA Fulfillment Center addr2
county FBA Fulfillment Center county
city FBA Fulfillment Center city
state FBA Fulfillment Center state
country FBA Fulfillment Center country
zip FBA Fulfillment Center zip
fulfillmentCenterId Amazon's Fulfillment Center ID (ie: PHX6, IND4, or CHA1)
items Container for information about items in this shipment
[[INDEX]] The index of this array is the msku for the item
sku The MSKU of the item
fnsku The Fullfilment Network SKU (FBA SKU) assigned by FBA for this item. This is the SKU that should be printed on the label of Seller Labeled products.
qty The quantity of this SKU that Amazon has asked to go into this shipment