API Documentation

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The /itemLocations resource describes the quantity of an item that is available in a specific location

itemLocation Objects

id Unique Identifier for this location
msku msku of the Item
locationId locationId for this specific itemLocation
quantity The current quantity of the item in this location
modified Last Modified Timestamp

All parameters here operate as expected

Incrementing and Decrementing Quantities

You can increment and decrement quantities without knowing the previous quantity with requests such as:

Add two to the existing quantity:

POST /itemLocations/123455?increment=2

Remove three from the existing quantity:

POST /itemLocations/123456?decrement=3

is equivelant to

POST /itemLocations/123456?increment=-3

Making changes to itemLocations

When making POST and PUT requests to itemLocations, please include referenceId and referenceType parameter. These are saved to itemLocationHistory and are extremely useful for tracking why a particular movement was made.

Sample Use Cases

Action referenceType referenceId
Item received from purchase purchase the purchaseItemId for the msku
Item ordered by customer order the orderItemId for the msku