API Documentation

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HTTP Response Codes indicate the overall success of the operation. Additional details can be found in the "error" element.

Sample Error Response

    {"status":"error","user":"117","code":"400-001","httpCode":"400","error":{"userMessage":"An Error Occurred","developerMessage":"An Error Occurred","documentation":"http:\/\/docs.sellerlabs.com\/errors#400-001"}}

Response Attributes

status The Overall status code of the response. Values may be success or error
user The user ID for which this request was made
code The overall status code of the response
httpCode The HTTP status code that was returned. This will always match the actual HTTP status code, and is included here for convenience
error This element exists only when the status=error. Sub-elements provide additional details about the error
userMessage An error messages suitable to be displayed to an end-user
developerMessage An error message that may contain more technical details for a developer
documentation A link to documentation about this error message


For testing error handling functions, you can make a request to /v1/error which will always return an error code. You can specify a specific error with a requeset to /errors/406 or add an optional code= parameter