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Your application can respond to changes made by other applications that use SLAPI by responding to events. Whenever an appliction makes a request that changes the state of your account in any way, SLAPI provide a way to be notified of those events via "triggers". These are also known as webhooks on other APIs

You can subscribe to triggers via the triggers method. Valid endpoints include:

Your application can then respond to those changes in any way that you'd like, including making subsequent calls to SLAPI, which may in-turn call other triggers.

Most resources have triggers for create, modify, and delete operations. These are documented with each resource.

Trigger Payload Format

The triggers post a json object in the format:

'userId'    : userId,
'accountId' : accountId,
'timestamp' : unixTimestamp,
'endpoint'  : // SLAPI endpoint that changed
'action'    : // Action that occurred (create, update, or delete
'object'    : // json representation of the object AFTER this change occurred
'oldObject' : // json representation of the object BEFORE this change occurred

For HTTP and HTTPS destinations, the Content-Type will be application/jsonand the post body will contain the json data.