API Documentation

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feedback /v1/feedback

The feedback resource is used to create, modify, and view orderItems associated with each order. The orderItem describes each line-item for each item (sku) sold with an order. Each order will contain one or more orderItems. The orderItem specifies the sku, quantity, and price of each item that was ordered.

Object model

Attribute Data Type Required Description
id string yes A Unique ID assigned to the feedback (currently a concattanation of the venueId and venueOrderId
venueId integer yes venueId for the feedback
orderId string desirable venue-specific Order ID associated with this feedback, if available
date date yes Date that the feedback was left
rating 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 no Numeric rating on a scale from 1 to 5
comments string no Optional comments left with an order
buyer string no Buyer-related information available for this feedback (may be name, email address, or buyerId, depending on venue

HTTP Methods:

GET /feedbacks Returns all of the feedback for the account
GET /feedback/1234 Returns all information about the '1234' feedback
POST /feedback Creates a new feedback.
POST /feedback/1234 Creates a new message. Overwrites an existing message if it already exists
PUT /feedback Not Permitted. Returns HTTP 405
PUT /feedback/1234 Updates the existing '1234' message. Overrides existing values
DELETE /feedback Not Permitted. Returns HTTP 405
DELETE /feedback/1234 Delete's the specified message

Request Parameters

The Parameters Common to Collections are supported. No other request parameters are available.

Sample Response