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The /listings resource is used to create, modify, and view listings on your account. An listings is an advertisement of an item for sale on a specific venue. Each listing has a specific price, description, and images, along with other attributes specific to the venue


Attribute Data Type Required Description
msku string yes unique key for an item max length 80
venueId int yes id of the marketplace. max length 4
listingId string no id of the listing given by the market place. IE ebay item number. max length 80
price float yes price of the item for the given listing
confirmed datetime no timestamp of when the marketplace connecter last updated the lising. Read Only
priceFormula enum(equalsItemPrice, equalsListingPriceAdjustment, itemPricePlusPercent, itemPricePlusAmount) no Sets the pricing adjustment from the item-level price. Defaults to equalsItemPrice
priceAdjustment float no The dollar amount (for itemPricePlusAmount or equalsListingPriceAdjustment) or percentage as a decimal (for itemPricePlusPercent). Defaults to 0.
calculatedPrice float no Read-only field. The calculated listing price after considering the item price, the priceFormula, and priceAdjustment
maxQty int no sets a maximum amount to be listed. IE is maxQty = 5 but 10 is in stock only 5 are lsited max length 6
status enum (see values at right) This field is only writable by connectors!, but that is not implimented yet, so if you are writing a consumer, please don't write to it! new
new Brand new, listing has not been sent to venue
acknowledged Connector has acknowledged change to listing, but hasn't attempted to send to the venue yet
pending Connector has attempted to push listing to venue, but is awaiting response
active-synced Listing has been pushed to the venue, and it matches the status of the listing in SLAPI
active-not-synced Listing is active on the venue, but needs a change from SLAPI
active-warning Listing has been pushed to the venue, but has warnings. See the listingWarnings endpoint to read the warnings
error Attempt to send the listing to the venue failed. see the listingsWarnings endpoint to read the errors
inactive Listing has been removed, or is not active on the venue
active enum y/n yes sets the listing to active or inactive only active listings are pushed to marketplaces
created timestamp yes Timestamp of when the listing was created Generated automatically read only
modified timestamp yes Timestamp of when the listing was last modified. Updated automatically. Read Only
notes string no short info about the item. Similar to notes at the item level just specific to the marketplace. Max Length 255

Listings Collection

HTTP Methods:

GET /listings Returns all of the listings for an account
GET /listings/venueID-msku Returns the information for that specific listing
POST /listing Creates a new lisitng. Overwrites an existing values if it already exists
POST /listings/venueId-msku Creates a new listing. Overwrites only values that are passed
PUT /listings Not Permitted. Returns HTTP 405
PUT /listings/venueId-msku Updates the existing listing. Overrides all exisiting values
DELETE /listing Not Permitted. Returns HTTP 405
DELETE /listings/venueId_msku Sets the listing to inactive

Sample Get Request

GET https://api.sellerlabs.com/v1/listings

Sample Response

{"status":"success","code":200,"httpCode":"200","user":"117","data":{"offset":0,"limit":50,"count":"9","prev":"","next":"","first":"http:\/\/paul.api.sellerlabs.com\/v1\/listings?offset=0&limit=50","last":"http:\/\/paul.api.sellerlabs.com\/v1\/listings?offset=0&limit=50","pages":1,"listings":[{"msku":"TEST","venueId":"0","listingId":"","price":"456","pendingDelete":"n","confirmed":null,"created":"2013-12-13T15:56:55+00:00Z","modified":"2013-12-13T15:56:55+00:00Z","notes":"","active":"","images":null,"link":"http:\/\/paul.api.sellerlabs.com\/v1\/listings\/0-TEST"},{"msku":"PS3_GAME","venueId":"0","listingId":"","price":"49.99","pendingDelete":"n","confirmed":null,"created":"2013-12-16T22:21:28+00:00Z","modified":"2013-12-16T22:21:28+00:00Z","notes":"GAME","active":"","images":null,"link":"http:\/\/paul.api.sellerlabs.com\/v1\/listings\/0-PS3_GAME"},{"msku":"ITEM_TEST","venueId":"0","listingId":"","price":"12.99","pendingDelete":"n","confirmed":null,"created":"2013-12-16T19:58:55+00:00Z","modified":"2013-12-16T19:58:55+00:00Z","notes":"Foo","active":"","images":null,"link":"http:\/\/paul.api.sellerlabs.com\/v1\/listings\/0-ITEM_TEST"},{"msku":"FOO_TEST","venueId":"0","listingId":"","price":"456","pendingDelete":"n","confirmed":null,"created":"2013-12-13T16:07:20+00:00Z","modified":"2013-12-13T16:07:20+00:00Z","notes":"ABC 123 Testing","active":"","images":null,"link":"http:\/\/paul.api.sellerlabs.com\/v1\/listings\/0-FOO_TEST"}]}}